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A Handy Winter Home Maintenance Checklist for New Homeowners in Richmond

A Handy Winter Home Maintenance Checklist for New Homeowners in Richmond

The colder winter weather is here! As a homeowner, there is a ton you can do to make sure you save on heating through the chilly winter season and avoid unnecessary weather damages.

If you have not already done all of your necessary winter home maintenance to get your home ready for the season to come, take a look at this checklist and set aside some time to prepare!


Seal Up Cracks and Openings to Keep Out the Cold

The first (and arguably the most important) task is to keep out the cold. Any openings and cracks in doors, windows, and your exterior walls can result in cold drafts leaking in from the outside. This can prevent your home heating system from working efficiently.

Don’t want to fork out for unnecessary energy bills? Instead, get some caulk, take a 360 walk around the exterior of the house, and start patching up any cracks and openings you spot. For windows and doors, consider using weatherstrips to seal out the air.


Be Diligent About Removing Leaves on Walkway and Lawn

Many trees still have dead leaves that continue to litter your lawn and walkway throughout winter.

Apart from it not being aesthetically pleasing to look at, dead leaves can be harmful as well:

  • Piled up dead leaves on the lawn can smother grass growth, and when they become wet, it can promote fungal growth.
  • Leaves on the walkway are a slipping hazard as they gather moisture and turn icy.


So, make sure to rake them aside regularly or break out the leaf blower!


Drain Your Garden Hoses and Sprinkler Systems

Want to avoid cracked faucets and pipes when the cold hits? Plan and drain all your water lines (if you haven’t already) to prevent unnecessary damage.

After draining the systems, make sure you shut off any valves that lead outdoors to ensure no water leaks into them when not in use.


Clean The Gutters

Spend an afternoon or two to clear out accumulating leaves in your gutters. You want to make sure that they are free of debris to prevent the trapping of water-the resulting in ice dams that could be costly to repair.


Ensure Your Furnace is in Good Working Order

If you have a fireplace, hire a licensed chimney sweep to clean it out before using it for the winter. This will ensure that you avoid the risks of a chimney fire caused by the buildup of clogged materials.

Additionally, get a licensed HVAC contractor to do a regular check and tune-up of your heating systems before you have to start heavy-duty use in the coming months.


Check Your Fire Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems

With all of the home heating that is going on in the winter, fire and carbon monoxide hazards tend to become more common. Ensuring that you have functional detection systems in place is crucial.


Looking to Buy or Selling a Home in Richmond?

If you need a Richmond realtor to guide you on your home purchase or selling journey, do not hesitate to reach out to the Scott Garnet Real Estate this winter! 

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