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Body Language & Selling Houses

Body Language & Selling Houses

As real estate agents, people assume that when representing buyers, agents will attempt to persuade clients into choosing a new home as quickly as possible. Our job is to make the sale, so why would we delay the process?

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with one of my son’s soccer coaches. We were discussing the upcoming season when our conversation shifted to body language on the field. I told the coach that as a parent, I could tell from my son’s body language whether or not he was struggling on the field.

Interestingly, the coach agreed, stating that as a coach, they not only had to learn to observe their players’ body language, they also constantly work on their body language when speaking to the players to ensure effective communication and leadership.
So how does it relate to selling houses?

I have always felt that body language and nonverbal communication while showing homes as a realtor makes a difference. I often tell my clients that they will notice whether or not I feel like a house is a good choice for their family even if I don’t explicitly say so.

Whenever I think a house is a good deal or in good shape, I will get visibly more excited during the showing. I will speak faster and louder, and will move around the house more quickly, pointing out reasons why the home could work for them.
In contrast, when I think that the house is not nearly as impressive, I tend to appear more concerned, pointing out issues with the house and generally speaking with a lower level of enthusiasm.

While my son’s coach understood my reasoning for using positive body language in a good house, he didn’t understand why I would be negative toward a bad house if I wanted to make a sale. I shared my philosophy on being a realtor – that while I do sell houses for a living, my main goal is to find my clients the best possible investment for their families.

There have been numerous times where I have talked clients out of buying houses, due to issues that I felt were detrimental to the buyer. For me, it has never been about making a sale. It is always about building a foundation of trust with my clients to ensure they feel comfortable in their decisions.

After 30+ years of selling in the Richmond area, I’ve learned a lot about establishing lasting relationships, and in my experience, building relationships stems from being trustworthy from the start. If you are looking for guidance with buying or selling, I would love to assist with the process as it truly is my passion.

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