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Finding the Perfect Home in Richmond, VA – Key Things to Look For

Finding the Perfect Home in Richmond, VA – Key Things to Look For

The city of Richmond is known to be one of the most culturally diverse and vibrant tourist destinations in the entire country. In Virginia itself, Richmond is the fourth most populous city, and for good reasons. There are endless activities, festivals, tons of historical value, and gorgeous landscapes that make this such a desirable, unique place to live. If you are thinking about home buying in Richmond, VA,  be sure to pay extra attention to these key things to discover the perfect house for yourself.

Time of Year You Are Buying

In general, real estate metrics can vary broadly based on the time of the year. So, knowing when to buy in Richmond is essential for getting your home for a great price. Common countrywide trends show that spring is a prime time to buy, especially in Virginia. However, though there tends to be a more extensive inventory in spring, the cost might be a bit higher than in the summer. If you want towards the middle or end of summer, you may get an excellent deal, but that also comes with less selection since most of the for-sale homes got gobbled up in spring. Either way, you will find something, but it is up to you if you want to gamble in the summer or dive straight into spring with more selections.

Know Your Style

 To narrow down your searches, look up the different styles of homes there are, and see which one you think you could see yourself living in. Maybe you prefer the bungalow style, the ranch-style, or even the townhouse set up. There is no right or wrong answer, but it will be the key driving factor in how your house-hunting efforts will play out.

Picking Your Neighborhood

Richmond is home to several beautiful and family-friendly neighborhoods.  These are a few popular neighborhoods around town:

  • Bellevue
  • Museum District
  • Westover Hills
  • Byrd Park
  • Church Hill
  • The Fan
  • Westhampton

The Fundamental Structure

 When you find a house or two you are attracted to, the next thing you will want it to get all the foundational information about it.

  • How old is the roof?
  • Has the siding been updated?
  • When was the electrical wiring done?
  • Is there any rot inside the gutters and fascia?
  • Did it pass a mold test?
  • Is the tiling professionally done?
  • Do the doors or windows stick when opening or closing?
  • Are there any concrete cracks or leaks?
  • Has there ever been a rodent or insect problem?
  • What type of heating and cooling system does the house utilize?

Asking these kinds of questions allows you to get the full picture of what you will be buying. For example, if the roof is outdated and the home’s price is already at your maximum budget, you might want to consider a different place where maintenance will not exceed your monetized limit.


Home buying in Richmond, VA, is an exciting time. Between the parks, breweries, historical sights, churches, concerts, and so much more, you are exposing yourself to endless entertainment that will solidify your decision to live here.  However, as any home seeker knows, finding the ideal desired house can pose a challenge. But by keeping the above key factors in mind when you scope out this beautiful city for your own spot, you will be able to find your perfect home in no time.

And always remember, you never have to go on this journey alone. The Scott Garnett real estate team is here to help you find your dream home so you can sit back and enjoy every moment of your big move.

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