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Interior Design Tips From the Pro: Lesley Glotzl

  • October 31, 2017
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Interior Design Tips From the Pro: Lesley Glotzl

It’s everyone’s favorite topic (or at least, it’s ours!) – interior design!

As a former home stager and current enthusiast for all things home design, it’s no surprise that I was pretty excited to sit down with Lesley Glotzl, a Richmond decorator with dozens of homes— and kitchens and baths— under her belt.

Her decorating philosophy is practical: “Use what you love, while adding in fresh pieces for continuity and polish.” Being practical is one of the most important factors when embarking on an expensive project like a home renovation!

Lesley really knows what she’s doing, and we’re excited to share that insight with you:

First, a bit more of an introduction

Kitchen renovations tend to be more complex than other renovation projects, so I always recommend that people use a designer when tackling a kitchen renovation project. What are your thoughts on this?

What are the top 3 considerations that you need to keep in mind when you tackle a kitchen renovation?

What’s your go-to countertop material?

Your go-to for flooring?

What trends are you seeing in the way of kitchen islands?

I love a mirrored or copper backsplash. Is this a good place to take a design risk, or do you try to play it safe?

Almost all my clients have a preference for an open floor plan. Are you seeing this in your work as well? And do you think that trend is here to stay?

I’m sick of stainless steel appliances! Are you seeing any shifts in this arena?

Okay, so where can I scrimp and save a few bucks?

More on Lesley can be found on her website.


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