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Simple Renovations: Improve Your Curb Appeal with These Easy & Budget-Friendly Ideas

Simple Renovations: Improve Your Curb Appeal with These Easy & Budget-Friendly Ideas

The saying is true- first impressions really do matter! If you’re looking to sell your home or just give it the mini makeover it deserves, curb appeal is the place to start. We have a whole variety of simple renovation ideas for you to check out- and they’re budget-friendly too! 

Maintain a Healthy and Weed Free Lawn
Let us start with a simple, low effort DIY – cutting the grass. The state of the lawn is an important first impression that will really impact expectations for the inside of your home. A well maintained and manicured lawn is the perfect gateway to a home that is well-taken care of.

The good news is it’s a totally manageable effort. In fact, to make it fun, make it a family affair to keep the lawn well maintained every other weekend. Have the younger kids compete to pluck out the greatest number of weeds, while the older members of the family can take turns to mow the lawn.

 Simple Landscaping
A few strategically grown shrubs, flower boxes by the windows or even hanging pots and plants on the porch can do wonders to create a welcoming entryway. They not only create a charming exterior, but make visitors feel at home before they even walk in the front door!

 Replace Worn Out Walkways
Over time, even hardy materials like asphalt, bricks and concrete can give way to weather conditions and begin to deteriorate. Cracks, potholes, and broken slabs can look unsightly, and even hazardous, for people visiting the house for the first time.

Take the opportunity to give your walkway a total overhaul. Try out these DIYs that teach how you can easily install a new walkway with Flagstone, Gravel, or Pavers

 Restore Your Driveway
If you use your car often, you may find your driveway in not so ideal conditions. However, restoring an asphalt driveaway is a surprisingly easy DIY task.

Head to your nearest home improvement store to pick up a good batch of spot cleaner, asphalt patch filler, fine sand and sealer, and you are good to make your driveway looking great again.

 Give Your Front Door a Fresh Coat of Paint
Make the right impression with a bright and inviting coat of paint on your front door. Warm and inviting colors like yellow and orange can really make your house stand out in the neighborhood. Alternatively, take the opportunity to create an “Instagrammable” backdrop with a unique color like mint green, teal or even pink!

 Style Your Porch
A few cozy upgrades can transform your porch from a forgotten space to an extension of your living room! Simple furniture, accessories, and plants can create a comfortable and appealing space in no time. Coordinate the color scheme with your home exterior (like the front door and walls) and add in some interesting accents, and you’re good to go!

 Upgrade Your Curb Appeal This Weekend!
Is the fall disappearing before your eyes while an endless list of projects is piling up in your mind? Start off with these simple renovation projects over a weekend or two and watch your home transform before your eyes. These are great ways to improve your value of your house without much effort or a massive budget! Why not try it for yourself today!

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