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Living in The Fan District

Living in The Fan District


The Fan DistrictI have always lived in the city.

After graduating from UR many moons ago, my wife knew we wanted to live in the city and decided we would call The Fan our home.  Although we have moved a few times and renovated several homes, we have never really strayed. And while I find each neighborhood of Richmond compelling for a variety of reasons, I have always felt a special personal connection to The Fan.

It is hard to say which is my favorite part of Fan living…the rich architecture, vibrant restaurants and pubs, local stores or the model elementary school which anchors the neighborhood…all are reasons to love living here.  But for me, the one thing which really stands above all else is the sense of community.

As you walk down any street in the Fan, you can’t help but notice the porches.  The porch in many ways is a lost art in the suburbs.  In The Fan, they are integral and a reminder of days long passed when communities were built on the relationships formed amongst neighbors.

Porches in The Fan can be grand, ornate or simple…it doesn’t matter…they represent something more important.  When these homes were first built, and I think even more so now, they provide a place of gathering, where you can meet, share some time (or a glass of wine) and converse about the day’s events,  how the family is doing or any other topic which needs discussing.  It doesn’t really matter…it is the connection which counts.

It is on these porches that community and bonds are built, and why this neighborhood is so special. I have spent many a day and night, talking, laughing, watching people and bikers go by.  As my kids grow, I love nothing more than sitting with my daughter as she reads a book and tells me about her day.

For those of you who live and enjoy the Fan, you already know what I am talking about.  And for those of you who don’t (yet!) live here, take a walk through the neighborhood and imagine yourself on a Fan porch.


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