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Our Commitment to Building a Better RPS

  • April 22, 2018
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Our Commitment to Building a Better RPS


The Fox Elementary school playground is the ultimate expression of ‘Community’. On most afternoons after school has let out, parents, grandparents and teachers stand around chatting while the children play. I’ve had some of the most life-changing conversations on that playground; and one day, while discussing the sad state of our school buildings, I had a lightbulb moment: We all want to help, but we don’t know what to do.

We all want to make a lasting and sustainable impact. After more discussions, a fellow Realtor, three teachers and I came together to create a non-profit that would provide funding and volunteer labor to projects for the direct benefit Richmond Public Schools. Hence, the birth of Building a Better RPS!


Contributions to date… 


Thanks to…

Airton Hentschke
Eric Meyer & Erica Brody
Kalee Nichols
Molly Todd

(last updated 4.25.2018)


When we started brainstorming this project, one of the things we heard from school administrations was that the first impression is incredibly important. If a child walks on the bus for the first time and sees a playground that’s disheveled, or a facade that’s peeling and bleak, they automatically start to make assumptions. In the back of their minds, they might think “If they don’t care about the outside of the school, how are they going to care for me once I’m inside it?” Seemingly small aesthetic issues can really change the way a child interacts with his or her school.

Those important aesthetic projects are what Building a Better RPS focuses on. We’ve done everything from painting hallways and pulling weeds to installing murals and new lighting. With local sponsors and our Adopt-A-School program, all of these projects were completed at no cost to the schools themselves.

It’s been a great first year for our effort. We’ve loved building a community of eager volunteers and partnering with everyone from the VCU Women’s Basketball team to the Richmond City Police Department. Schools are reaching out to us when they have projects that need completing. We’re excited to continue this work and provide Richmond’s students with the facilities they deserve.

Kathryn and I are happy to announce that $250 of every transaction will go directly to Building a Better RPS. If you buy or sell a home with us, the donation can be made in your name and the funds will help improve Richmond Public Schools, one project at a time.

As realtors, we’re not only interested in buying and selling homes, but in building the communities surrounding them. We’re honored and excited to continue the work of Building a Better RPS in 2018.

Interested in helping out? Check out our Community Involvement page or learn more at Building a Better RPS’s website.


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